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About Us
At Paws 'n Hand, we believe in creating a strong partnership with you in caring for and understanding your pets.  This makes certain your pets are the happiest and healthiest they can be.

Leah Duckworth, Owner.  Intuit in understanding and caring for pets.  Raised with a beautiful collie and other pets throughout childhood, i.e., Joey the turtle and rabbits (two became 36 in six months!), I learned early on in life how valuable the love is that animals give.  I lived on a farm commune as a young adult for a time, learning to care for the animals there.  As an adult I have resided with cats and parakeets.  I now live in the Lake Merritt/ Grand Lake area of Oakland with my husband and Kala (the wondercat!).

I am passionate about sharing an endless flow from my soul of warmth and understanding with pets.  Where given in a pet sitting environment, it comes back way more than tenfold!  Taking the time to learn about and care for each individual being in my charge is what it is all about.

I avail myself to continuing education.  I have attended multiple Yelp, National Association of Professional Businesswomen and Pet Sitters International [PSI] webinars.  I stay continually apprised about pets and pet sitting information through multiple online pet websites, as well as through PSl's emails and magazines.


You are warmly and wholeheartedly invited to view the slideshow gallery of pets and a video about Paws 'n Hand on Yelp. Please click on the Yelp link at the bottom of this page to view, and thank you!


Serving Oakland and Piedmont, California
  • Pet visits - $30 per 30-minute visit - includes feeding, litter box cleanup, playtime and home services (i.e., watering plants, mail retrieval, etc.)
  • Dog walks - on-leash neighborhood walks -1 dog $30 for 30 minutes + $12 each additional dog
  • Pet taxi (10-mile radius) -$20 each way
  • Vet appointments - $40 per hour

What People are Saying About Paws 'n Hand:
"You are the best pet sitter ever!!!!" - Roxanne

"[W]e do appreciate you taking care of the zoo, and that we know that they are in good hands..." - N.S.

"Thank you sooo much for everything." - S.R.

"You were just amazing...!!" - F.S.

"Leah is a gem! Our dog, Lily, loves her. When we come home on a day Leah has visited, we find Lily smiling, contented, and happily sleepy. Originally, we were worried about having to miss Lily's evening walk occasionally, but she may be happier with Leah than with us. :) Moreover, Leah is organized, responsible, kind, and in general a person you'll be glad to know...We always look forward to Leah's sweet notes and emails about her adventures with Lily. This is someone who loves her work, and it shows." (full review may be seen on Yelp!)

"[T]his woman, Leah, was/is a gift to our feline family. She did not mind ... our documents of instructions and hers (hers were simple but professional ones similar to the ones we had prepared)--- she is a true professional...We were gone for [a] one week  vacation and our cats (3) (so terrified of 'outsiders' that the beloved former cat care person ... rarely saw them over all the years of petting sitting them) were actually seen and even brushed by Leah. It was obvious that our cats were at ease with her care in our absence. When we got home, all worried about how they would be - after having had a 'new person' for one whole week, they were -- we were so relieved and a bit astonished to find, happy as clams,. They acted like they had had a happy vacation also. (We hired her to come twice a day.) Leah did everything exactly right!. We recommend her to the highest possible degree, without any reservation whatsoever, and plan to continue to hire her as our professional cat sitter continually in the future. Care  to our cats-- saying their names -- brushing the cat that would allow brushing...fresh food and fresh water, litter changing/cleaning and clean up of associated stuff --- all accomplished to perfection by Leah of Pa[w]s n' Hand." (full review may be seen on Yelp!)

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